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Coffee is our passion. We are innovators, using cutting edge technologies to leverage our team’s vast experience in the industry. With a strong network of suppliers in all major producing areas of the world, we thrive in delivering the right solution to meet each individual need. We invite you to discover more about us.

About Us

Global reach with a local touch

Registered in 2017, Riccoffee (UK) was established by leveraging on the extensive experience and technical expertise of our founders to deliver structured solutions and high-quality goods to a worldwide audience.

Our ambition is to become a substantial player in the coffee market and our strengths lie in our considerable network of relationships built over the years.

In an ever-evolving industry we believe in providing bespoke solutions that enable our clients to achieve their commercial objectives.


A Business Professional with over 25 years of experience in the commodities world, physical trading, investment banking and hedge fund management, Ricardo Santos is a serial entrepreneur and a senior coffee arbitrator with the British Coffee Association.

Riccoffee is the brain child of Ricardo Santos, one of the company founders, who also serves as both its managing and commercial director.

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Our aim is to develop a legacy to bear witness to our unique values and approach.

  • Integrity – by being mindful of our partners and the world around us.

  • Resolve – by our continuous search to deliver excellence to our clients.

  • Professionalism – by our skills, dedication and code of ethics.

About us
Riccoffee Process

Our approach is based on an evolutionary model which relies in the communication with our partners, the constant revaluation of our procedures, the deployment of innovative solutions and continuous feedback and development:


  • We procure our coffees directly from origin to guarantee their fair pricing.

  • We produce our own market analysis of coffee fundamentals and trade flow.

  • Our quality control checks ensure that our coffees meet with our clients expectations.

  • Our Global supply chain delivers the perfect solution to your individual requirements.

  • Our team is there to answer your questions and give you total peace of mind.


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Our process
Our Services
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Global Reach

Our product origination is based on our vast network of contacts and long-standing relationships in all corners of the world and enhanced by our local representatives in the major coffee producing regions.


This makes our company ideally placed to procure the right coffees and deliver effective solutions to our clients.

Riccoffee recognises the diverse needs of today’s global markets, respecting its growing trends for sustainability and traceability while supporting programs to help build the equitable supply chain of tomorrow.

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Our Expertise

Our team has over 60 years of combined talent and expertise delivering structured solutions to the commodities market.

Our strengths lie on a comprehensive range of skills ranging from procurement to quality control, from logistics to financial services.

Our ethos for excellency involves the constant search for the mean of improving our internal processes based on our passion for continuously developing our understanding of the business.

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Sustainability & Recognition

At Riccoffee we are very serious about our commitment to market responsibility and the environment.

Be it through our active membership of associations for the promotion of the responsible coffee activity, by embracing codes of conduct and supporting coffee certifications or by providing transparent processes to improve the control and trust in our supply chain and management practices.

It is our long-term vision to promote these initiatives for the development of sustainable production and the responsible conduction of our trade worldwide.

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The Process
Our Culture
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At Riccoffee, we are proud of our core values of integrity, resolve and professionalism. They define a vision that has been built upon excellence and principles.

We believe in building a vibrant future with a workplace for everyone – By investing and empowering our people, with great emphasis in skill set development and discipline, we promote a workforce that is passionate about our business and believes in doing the right thing even when it isn’t the easy thing.

We are stronger together – By embracing our diversity and cultural awareness our team accomplishes extraordinary and innovative things every day in our search for delivering exceptional results. We respect, value and support each individual client and employee 

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