Brazilian Coffee Export Figures – Jul 2024

According to the latest figures released by the Council of Brazilian Green Coffee Exporters (CECAFE), the country has shipped 47,300,237 60kgxbags (or 2.838 million tonnes) of the commodity during the crop year 2023-2024. This compares with only 35,631,751 60kgxbags (or 2.138 million tonnes) during the previous season. The increase (some 32.75% from the previous crop year) was due to a larger than expected crop, some short coverage from the previous season as well as inventory building prior to the new EUDR regulation takes effect. There was also a massive increase in Conillon shipments (8,238,350 60kgxbags versus 1,468,179 60kgxbags during the previous season, a 560% increase year-on-year) as roasters looked for cheaper alternatives to their traditional Robusta suppliers. The overall disappearance for Brazilian coffees during the period was around 70 million bags (if we assume the internal consumption to be near 23 million bags).