Supplier Code of Conduct

RICCOFFEE (UK) LTD Code of Conduct

Riccoffee Human Rights Policy Statement

Riccoffee has a zero-tolerance policy to human rights abuses. We work to the highest professional standards to ensure that we are fully compliant with all the laws and regulations that are applicable to the Company. All of our people and suppliers are expected to follow the same high standards. Our values are at the core of everything that we do.

Riccoffee maintains a human rights policy consistent with the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. According to these principles, Riccoffee undertakes to avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts through its own activities and to address such impacts when they occur while seeking to prevent or mitigate adverse human rights impacts that are directly related to its operations, products or services through its business relationships.

As part of our Code of Conduct, Riccoffee is committed to follow high standards of ethical conduct around the world; working with clients, suppliers and subcontractors that live up to Riccoffee’s core ethical values and standards; and act lawfully, ethically and in the public interest. As part of Riccoffee’s supply of services, we recognise that we have a responsibility to take a robust approach to Modern Slavery and Child Labour. Human rights are non-negotiable across our supply chains. We are dedicated to upholding these for everyone who works for and with us. Our ability to respond to violations depends on people feeling confident enough to report them. As such, our grievance policy helps our stakeholders to protect their rights while also increasing employee’s human rights awareness.

Riccoffee Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement

In a world facing rapid environmental change and rising populations, we all have a stake in protecting our environment. Riccoffee is fully committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment while promoting the development and growth of our natural heritage.

Environmental Protection

Riccoffee will endeavour to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, in particular the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. These include environmental quality standards (for air and water) and waste management standards.


Human pressures are undermining the biodiversity that underpins all life on land and below water. Ecosystem services delivered by biodiversity, such as crop pollination, water purification, flood protection and carbon sequestration, are vital to human well-being.

Riccoffee embraces its responsibilities under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 while further extending it for the conservation of the biodiversity throughout its entire supply chain.


Forests are key to preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change while providing sustainable livelihoods to millions of people around the world. Riccoffee is committed to protect standing forests as well as restoring degraded ones. We make sure our suppliers respect local conservation policies while encouraging them to adhere to the highest international standards.

In 2021, Riccoffee donated 150 trees to restore the natural vegetation and water mines of the Atlantic Forest of the Brazilian Mogiana region. We remain committed to expand our program by annually planting hundreds of new trees in coffee producing areas of the world while promoting sustainable livelihoods and respecting human rights.