Anti harassment and bullying policy

Our aim is to provide a working environment that respects the rights of each employee and where colleagues treat each other with respect. Any behaviour that undermines this aim is unacceptable.

Our company does not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying under any circumstances. While implementing and upholding the policy is the duty of all of our managers and supervisors, all employees have a responsibility to ensure that harassment does not occur.

The procedures have been designed to inform employees about the type of behaviour that is unacceptable and provides employees who are the victims of harassment and bullying with a means of redress. The Company will not tolerate harassment or bullying of:

  • job applicants;
  • employees;
  • contractors;
  • agency workers;
  • the self-employed;
  • ex-employees.

This policy also applies to work related functions which are held outside of normal working hours, either on or off the Company premises, such as Christmas parties, leaving celebrations, working lunches, etc.

It is in everyone’s interests for the work environment to be harmonious and respectful.

This policy recognises that inappropriate behaviour, which may include harassment, can and does take place.

This policy aims to ensure that if inappropriate behaviour does occur in the workplace it is dealt with in a serious, sensitive and confidential manner so that the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible for all concerned.

We are committed to tackling incidents of inappropriate behaviour swiftly and decisively. A strong stand is needed on this issue to enable people of all backgrounds to have dignity at work, and enable them to progress in the organisation and fully contribute to our success.